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Bob Rozier

Bob attended Robeson Community College in Lumberton NC where he received his Business Degree.
He served as President Student council/Valedictorian/Graduated With Honors. Bob was a District Sales Manager Agra-Tech Seeds for 5 years. Bob was also employed with Agri-Genetics/Mycogen as a Regional Manager specializing in sales and marketing. He was responsible for 9 District managers  in13 States. Bob then worked for Monsanto/Dekalb Seed/ Asgrow for15 Years as a District Sales manager. Next, Bob worked for Nutrition Ag Solutions for 10 years as a Seed Division Manager where he was responsible 15 retail locations in NC/SC. Bob was President pf the South Carolina Seedsmen Association. He was elected by South Carolina Seedsmen Association to represent the state on the board of southern Seedsmen consisting of 20 states. Bob was Awarded at Annual State Seedsmen convention Seedsmen Of The Year. Bob was also a previous candidate for SC Commissioner of Agriculture. 

"I absolutely love being involved with JDLH! I made a trip to the school 3 years ago where I met with Dr. Tim Keown and toured the campus meeting with students and the excellent staff. From that day forward I have been totally committed! I wanted to be a part of this school in a meaningful way and I have found that by serving on the Board and volunteering at the school. I look forward to continuing to serve this school for a long time!"-- Bob Rozier

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