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Fay Stapleton Burnett

Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett is a retired dentist, but her "roots" run deep in agriculture. As a native of Metter, Georgia, her parents and all her ancestors for over 200 years were farmers and they all lived in Georgia!  Dr. Burnett is a graduate of Tift College and the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. Her husband, Rev. Brock Burnett, is a retired minister, and they share their time between their home on Lake Russell in Elbert County and their family farm in Metter. They also enjoy spending time with their son, daughter-in-law and three adorable grandchildren in Winder, Ga.  Brock also enjoys beekeeping and gardening... and fishing when he finds time.  Fay is a tree-farmer, but delegates the oversight to a forrester who has more expertise.  Her real passion is genealogy and Georgia history, specifically her ancestors in Jefferson County, Ga.


When asked why she serves on the Foundation Board, her response was:


"When my husband and I first 'stumbled' across the campus of John de la Howe and met Dr. Tim Keown just before the School for Agriculture opened, we were immediately hooked on the mission of the school. The beauty of the campus is so unique and refreshing in an era of over development.  The concept of giving young people hands-on experiences in agriculture at the high school level is the future of education. Agriculture is just as vital as it was 200 years ago; the world has to eat, have fibers for clothing and wood products for building and other uses. Agricultural related careers offer today's youth a wonderful life, and an honorable way to earn a living.  It is my pleasure to serve on the Foundation Board to facilitate their mission in any way I can."

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